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 German truck simulator the game

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PostSubject: German truck simulator the game   German truck simulator the game Icon_minitimeFri Nov 13, 2009 5:29 pm

German truck simulator the game Gts

German truck simulator is a game of SCS software (2008-2009)

The successor of Chart success euro Truck simulator appears in the summer 2009 The successor tons the chart success Truck simulator euro system wants fuel element published in buzzers 2009 Moenchengladbach, in the November 2008 - which software Publisher rondomedia and the Czech SCS software with seat in Prague has few days ago the contract concerning the marketing of the German Truck of simulator by the Mönchengladbacher enterprise signed.

Moenchengladbach, in November 2008 - The software of publisher Rondo media and the Czech SCS software with headquarters in Prague have A few days before the contract concerning the marketing OF the German truck simulator by the company Mönchengladbacher signed. The German Truck simulator will appear as a successor of the euro Truck of simulator, which brought it in this year up to place to 2 into the official Media control Vollpreischarts, in the summer 2009.

The German truck simulator is used as A successor ton the Truck simulator euro system, which this year UP ton of No. 2 into the official media full control charts brought appear into the buzzers OF 2009. The team of SCS software had responsibility row in the past beside the euro Truck simulator already for and the successful Wheels OF Steel very much liked - and is considered as professional profischmiede for Truck simulations.

The team OF SCS software signed into the past alongside the euros Truck Simu oscillator for the already very popular and successful Wheels OF Steel - series and is responsible as A professional blacksmith for truck simulation. Similarly to the euro Truck simulator, which illustrates first simulation excluding European roads, plays the German Truck simulator now primarily in Germany. Similar ton the euros Truck simulator, the roofridge simulation the only European road maps, plays the German truck simulator now primarily in Germany. Instead of by American cities or the roads of our European neighbours the player here predominantly steers his truck by local Gefilde. Instead OF American of cities or the streets OF our European neighbors, the more player steers his truck here mainly by local realms. Very much value become again the developers of SCS software thereby on the authenticity of the vehicles, to which cities and naturally also the road system put. Very much VALUE the developer SCS software again on the authenticity OF the vehicles, the cities and, OF course, lay into the road network. A multiplicity of details copied German cities to visit will be virtual. A multitude OF detail emulated German of cities wants fuel element virtually tons visit.

Dirk Ohler, leading product manager rondomedia: „After the outstanding success of the euro Truck of simulator it was directly natural for us to make itself concerning a Germany version thought. Dirk Ohler, senior product manager Rondo media: " After the outstanding success OF the euros Truck simulator for US it which simply saying that Germany concerning A version ideas ton make. SCS software is us as very more professional and extremely reliable partner well-known, and so we are pleased much about this extension of our co-operation. SCS software is US as A very professional and very reliable partners known, and incoming goods of acres very pleased about this enlargement in such a way OF our cooperation.

German Truck simulator will be still substantially more authentic and more detailfaithfully arranged than its predecessor and numerous new innovative features will beyond that naturally offer. German truck simulator is much more authentic and detailed Design than its predecessor and thus OF course with many new innovative features' s WAIT. We are sure that also this product will than only inspire the fans of the category more. “Incoming goods of acres sure that this product the fans OF the category more than just thrill is.

in short:
20 cities
your own company
you also get e-mails
new trucks
(MAN, Iveco and Daf)
more kind's of cargo
(Glass, walls, cars, excavators
and more)
more kind's of traffic
(Volvo xc90, Opel astra,
MB C class, BMW M5 and more)
also bridges and tunnels
new truck sounds

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Number of posts : 1170
favorite truck : MB actros, Freightliner cascadia
Registration date : 2008-10-12

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PostSubject: Re: German truck simulator the game   German truck simulator the game Icon_minitimeSat Nov 14, 2009 5:58 pm

German truck simulator trailer 1

Description: The very first official trailer for German Truck Simulator by SCS Software / rondomedia. Showing the officially licensed MAN truck, plus a few cool things about the game.